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Adrian Walker Maintenance Assistant View Profile
Alex Vanegas Community Liaison View Profile
Amanda Moore Director of Adult Education View Profile
Amber Halvorson Admissions Processing Coordinator View Profile
Amy Plaster Director of Academic Services View Profile
Andrew  Muse Math Faculty View Profile
Angie Strickland English Faculty View Profile
Anthony Burkhammer Mathematics Faculty View Profile
Ashley Walker Education Instructor View Profile
Becky Saffell Adult Education Instructor View Profile
Becky Warren, EdD Dean of Health Professions View Profile
Ben Rogers Career Coach - Hillcrest View Profile
Beverly Meinzer Science Faculty View Profile
Bill Wood, EdD History Faculty View Profile
Billy Stidham Testing and Access Services Specialist View Profile
Blayne Stewart Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence View Profile
Brian Shonk, EdD Chancellor View Profile
Bruce Hankins Chief Financial Officer View Profile
C'aira Stewart Student Life Coordinator View Profile
Caitlyn Croft Administrative Assistant for Financial Aid View Profile
Cara Cloninger Career Coach - Southside View Profile
Casey Bromley Registrar View Profile
Cheryle Gunther Accountant View Profile
Cheyenne Diaz Recruitment Coordinator View Profile
Chris Middleton Campus Maintenance Supervisor View Profile
Chuck Martin Maintenance Coordinator View Profile
Connie Smith Interim Director of Cosmetology View Profile
Crystal Blue Director of Computer Services View Profile
Dakota West Maintenance Assistant View Profile
Dana Cox Director of Nursing View Profile
Dawn Smith CNA Instructor View Profile
Deanna Tillery Director of the Student Success Center View Profile
Debbie Wyatt Director of Financial Aid View Profile
Donetta Bradford Bookstore Assistant View Profile
Douglas Muse Dean of General Education View Profile
Dustin McAnally Data & Application Administrator View Profile
Elizabeth Hawkins Administrative Specialist III View Profile
Elizabeth Smith JAG College Career Coach View Profile
Elizabeth Taylor ESL Instructor View Profile
Emily Neeley Adult Education Instructor View Profile
Greg Kaffka Computer Support Technician View Profile
Heath Wooldridge Executive Director of Facilities and Auxiliary Services View Profile
Holly Goslin English Faculty View Profile
Holly Smith, EdD Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs View Profile
Jacob Chisom Oral Communications Instructor View Profile
Jay Strickland Director of Library Services View Profile
Jayla Cox Nursing Faculty View Profile
Jeanette Youngblood Dean of Career Education View Profile
Jenna Kuykendall Administrative Operations Specialist View Profile
Jennifer Coan Fiscal Support Specialist View Profile
Jennifer Emery College and Life Skills Instructor View Profile
Jennifer Hogans Cook View Profile
Jennifer Pitts Career Coach - Batesville View Profile
Jennifer Sinele Business Office Manager View Profile
Jerrie Hooper Library Coordinator View Profile
Jessica Jones Nursing Faculty View Profile
Jodie Hightower Director of Human Resources View Profile
John Stephens Psychology Faculty View Profile
Johnny Babb System Administrator View Profile
Justin Holman Welding Instructor View Profile
Justine Yatska TRIO Academic Support Coach View Profile
Katrina Stevens Community Education Coordinator View Profile
Laura Draper Simulation Coordinator View Profile
Lisa Lewis Office Manager for Student Support Services View Profile
Lori Alpers Fiscal Support Specialist/Accounts Payable View Profile
Louise Hughes Director of Testing and Access Services View Profile
Loyd Barry Welding Instructor View Profile
Luanne Barber Bookstore Manager View Profile
Lynn Bray Career Coach - Cedar Ridge View Profile
Maggie Beshears, LPC Director of Counseling View Profile
Maranda Cash Adult Education Instructor View Profile
Mark Cartwright Director of Events View Profile
McKenzie Jackson Business Faculty View Profile
Meagan Akins Dean of Enrollment Services View Profile
Melissa  Foster Food Production Supervisor View Profile
Melissa Cross Nursing Faculty View Profile
Mickey Freeze Academic Advisor View Profile
Nathaniel Pyle Director of Academic Advising View Profile
Pam Smith Assistant Director of Financial Aid View Profile
Peggy Jackson Procurement Manager View Profile
Philip Landers Career Coach - Cave City View Profile
Phyllis Gardner Financial Aid Specialist View Profile
Rachel Ratcliff Science Faculty View Profile
Rana Dowdy High School Liaison View Profile
Randall Warn Industrial Technology Faculty View Profile
Resa Dowdy Nursing Faculty View Profile
Rhonda Loper Director of Institutional Research View Profile
Robin Britt Fiscal Support Specialist/Student Accounts View Profile
Rocky Majors English Faculty View Profile
Ronda McLelland Director of TRIO/Student Support Services View Profile
Shaneka Brandon Director of Career Pathways View Profile
Shannon Haney Director of Development View Profile
Shannon Johnson Career Coach - Adult Education View Profile
Shelly Sullens Mathematics Faculty View Profile
Sherrie Stagner TRIO Personal Development Coach / Transfer Liaison View Profile
Stephanie Baker Part-Time Cosmetology Instructor View Profile
Stephanie Holder Administrative Assistant for Registrar's Office View Profile
Stephanie Minor Administrative Analyst for CTLE View Profile
Steven Huff CDL Instructor View Profile
Tabitha Cole Human Resource Generalist View Profile
Tammy Pearce Director or Development View Profile
Tammy Smith Receptionist View Profile
Tess Weatherford Adult Education Career and Life Coach View Profile
Thomas Lemon Director of EMS Program View Profile
Tiffany Guinnip Executive Assistant to the Chancellor View Profile
Tiffany Traw WIN Grant Coordinator View Profile
Tina Goodman Academic Advisor / Veteran Coordinator View Profile
Tracey Thomas Academic Services Coordinator View Profile
Valerie Bennett Counselor, Career Pathways View Profile
Van Taylor Academic Advisor View Profile
Vernon Hoffman, EdD Science Faculty View Profile
Whitney Stone Nursing & Health Professions Administrative Analyst View Profile
Zach Harber, EdD Dean of Workforce Education View Profile
Zach Perrine, EdD Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs View Profile

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