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Adrian Walker Maintenance View Profile
Alisha Hightower RN Faculty View Profile
Amanda Cannon, BSN, RN PN Program Coordinator View Profile
Amy Bullard Simulation Coordinator View Profile
Andrea Lee Adult Education Instructor View Profile
Andrew  Muse Math Faculty View Profile
Angela  Strickland English Composition 1, Basic Writing View Profile
Ashlyn Canard, BSN, RN PN Clinical Coordinator View Profile
Austin Muse Industrial Education Faculty View Profile
Becky Saffell Adult Education Instructor View Profile
Becky Warren Director of Adult Education View Profile
Beverly Meinzer Instructor, College Chemistry I & II and labs, Physical Science and lab View Profile
Billy Stidham Admissions Counselor View Profile
Blayne Stewart Computer Science Faculty View Profile
Brooklyn Hedgecock Cosmetology Instructor View Profile
C'aira Stewart Administrative Specialist View Profile
Candy Mitleff Payroll Specialist View Profile
Casey Bromley Director of Student Information/Registrar View Profile
Cheyenne Diaz Career Pathways Student Advisor View Profile
Cheyenne Manuel HR Administrative Specialist View Profile
Chris Middleton Building Maintenance Assistant View Profile
Chuck Martin Maintenance View Profile
Comfort Winston Library Coordinator View Profile
Crystal Blue Records Management Analyst View Profile
Dakota West Maintenance View Profile
Daniel  Winston Welding Instructor View Profile
Dawn Smith CNA Instructor View Profile
Deanna Tillery Director of the Student Success Center View Profile
Debbie Wyatt Director of Career Pathways View Profile
Douglas Muse Division Chair for Math and Science View Profile
Dr. Andrew Seely Biology Faculty/Director for the Center for Teaching and Learning View Profile
Dr. Anne Austin , Ph. D. Executive Director of Special Projects View Profile
Dr. Bill Wood World Civilization I, World Civilization II, United States History I, United States History II, The American Civil War, The Vietnam War, Arkansas History, United States Government View Profile
Dr. Brian Shonk , Ed. D. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs View Profile
Dr. Deltha Sharp Director of Institutional Research View Profile
Dr. Larry Brown Beginning, Intermediate, and College Algebra, Concepts of Chemistry View Profile
Dr. Marla Bennett Instructor , English Composition II, World Literature I, World Literature II, UACCB Choral Singers, Renaissance Life and Literature View Profile
Dr. Vernon Hoffman Biology, A&P I&II, Essentials of A&P, Zoology, Field Techniques View Profile
Dustin McAnally Computer Lab Manager View Profile
Elizabeth Smith JAG College Career Coach View Profile
Elizabeth Taylor ESL Instructor View Profile
Elliott Brown Maintenance View Profile
Heath Wooldridge Physical Plant Director View Profile
Holly Goslin English faculty View Profile
Janet Rodgers Receptionist for Adult Education View Profile
Jay Strickland Library Director View Profile
Jeanette Youngblood Division Chair for Business, Technology, and Public Service View Profile
Jennifer Davidek EMS Program Director, Instructor View Profile
Jennifer Emery College and Life Skills Instructor View Profile
Jennifer Ford Career Coach View Profile
Jennifer Sinele Business Office Manager View Profile
Jerrie Hooper NAH Secretary View Profile
Jodie Hightower Assistant to the Chancellor View Profile
Julie Johnson Human Resources Specialist View Profile
Justine Yatska TRIO Academic Support Coach View Profile
Katrina Stevens Community Education Coordinator View Profile
Kim Whitten Director of Advancement View Profile
Lea Ramsey Database Administrator View Profile
Lisa Lewis Administrative Assistant for Student Support Services View Profile
Lisa Watts Bookstore Cashier View Profile
Louise Hughes Director of Student Development View Profile
Luanne Barber Bookstore Manager View Profile
Lynn Bray Administrative Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs View Profile
Mandy Walker Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration View Profile
Marietta Candler , RN, MSN Division Chair View Profile
Mark Cartwright Director of Events View Profile
Mary Brewer RN Program Prelicensure/Traditional View Profile
Meagan Akins Director of Admissions View Profile
Melissa  Foster Food Production Supervisor View Profile
Micah Moody RN Faculty View Profile
Michelle Bishop RN Program Faculty View Profile
Mickey Freeze Academic Advisor View Profile
Mindy Shaw Early Childhood Education View Profile
Nathaniel Pyle Director of Academic Advising View Profile
Pam Smith Assistant Director of Financial Aid View Profile
Peggy W. Jackson Procurement Manager View Profile
Philip Landers Career Coach View Profile
Phyllis Gardner Financial Aid Specialist View Profile
Rachel Ratcliff Biology, A&P I, A&P II View Profile
Robin Britt Fiscal Support Specialist/Student Accounts View Profile
Roger Ried Director of Secondary Career Center View Profile
Ronda McLelland Director of TRIO/Student Support Services View Profile
Sharon Gage Administrative Specialist for Advising View Profile
Shelly Wooldridge General Psychology, Human Growth and Development, Abnormal Psychology, Psychology of Adjustment, Psychology of Learning View Profile
Sherrie Gunther Administrative Assistant View Profile
Sherrie Stagner Testing and Disability Services Specialist View Profile
Stephanie Baker Director of Cosmetology View Profile
Tammy Smith IH Receptionist View Profile
Teri  Nicholson RN Faculty View Profile
Tiffany Guinnip Project Manager for Academic Affairs View Profile
Tina Goodman Academic Advisor View Profile
Tracey Thomas Assistant Registrar View Profile
Tracy Broadwater Accounting View Profile
Van Taylor Transfer Coordinator View Profile
Vicky Bowren Administrative Assistant for Community and Technical Education View Profile
Wanda Garnett Operating Accountant View Profile
Zach Harber Director of Career and Technical Education View Profile
Zach Perrine Interim Chancellor/Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs View Profile

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