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Tiffany Guinnip Project Manager for Academic Affairs View Profile
C'aira Stewart Administrative Specialist View Profile
Meagan Akins Director of Admissions View Profile
Tina Goodman Academic Advisor View Profile
Van Taylor Transfer Coordinator View Profile
Nathaniel Pyle Director of Academic Advising View Profile
Sharon Gage Administrative Specialist for Advising View Profile
Luanne Barber Bookstore Manager View Profile
Sherrie Gunther Administrative Assistant View Profile
Peggy W. Jackson Purchasing Specialist View Profile
Julie Johnson Human Resources Specialist View Profile
Wanda Garnett Operating Accountant View Profile
Debbie Wyatt Director of Career Pathways View Profile
Robin Britt Fiscal Support Specialist/Student Accounts View Profile
Melissa  Foster Food Production Supervisor View Profile
Lisa Watts Bookstore Cashier View Profile
Cheyenne Diaz Career Pathways Student Advisor View Profile
Mark Cartwright Director of Events View Profile
Heath Wooldridge Physical Plant Director View Profile
Philip Landers Career Coach View Profile
Sherrie Stagner Testing and Disability Services Specialist View Profile
Janet Rodgers Receptionist for Adult Education View Profile
Tracy Broadwater Accounting View Profile
Katrina Stevens Community Education Coordinator View Profile
Jerrie Hooper NAH Secretary View Profile
Kristen Cross Financial Aid Director View Profile
Phyllis Gardner Financial Aid Specialist View Profile
Jennifer Sinele Business Office Manager View Profile
Crystal Blue Records Management Analyst View Profile
Steve Collins Director of Information Services View Profile
Cheston Cooper Network Administrator View Profile
Lea Ramsey Database Administrator View Profile
Dustin McAnally Computer Lab Manager View Profile
Comfort Winston Library Coordinator View Profile
Jay Strickland Library Director View Profile
Tammy Smith IH Receptionist View Profile
Hannah Keller Flanery Communications and Marketing Coordinator View Profile
Kim Whitten Director of Advancement View Profile
Jodie Hightower Assistant to the Chancellor View Profile
Casey Bromley Director of Student Information/Registrar View Profile
Tracey Thomas Assistant Registrar View Profile
Beverly Moss Administrative Specialist II - Registrar's Office View Profile
Dr. Deltha Sharp Director of Institutional Research View Profile
Vicky Bowren Administrative Assistant for Community and Technical Education View Profile
Zach Harber Director of Career and Technical Education View Profile
Lynn Bray Administrative Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs View Profile
Lisa Lewis Administrative Assistant for Student Support Services View Profile
Jennifer Shaw Career Coach View Profile
Dorianne Dias Trio Advisor View Profile
Chuck Martin Maintenance View Profile
Chris Middleton Building Maintenance Assistant View Profile
Adrian Walker Accounts Payable View Profile
Deanna Tillery Director of the Student Success Center View Profile
Louise Hughes Director of Student Development View Profile
Mickey Freeze TRIO/Student Support Services, Project Advisor View Profile
Ronda McLelland Director of TRIO/Student Support Services View Profile
Cheyenne Manuel Fiscal Support Specialist/Cashier View Profile
Tiffany English Financial Aid Administrative Specialist View Profile
Madalynne Cooper Grill Cook View Profile
Elizabeth Smith JAG College Career Coach View Profile
Billy Stidham Admissions Counselor View Profile
Roger Ried Director of Secondary Career Center View Profile

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Alert Message

Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced Tuesday that he will not renew the statewide mask mandate that expires at midnight tonight; however, school districts, private businesses, and medical facilities may still require patrons to wear masks as a preventative measure against the spread of COVID-19 under the revised guidelines. The University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville will maintain mask use and social distancing protocols on campus through the end of the spring semester. During its meeting on Friday, March 19, 2021, the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee discussed the topic of continuing the mask mandate on campus after the statewide mandate expires March 31. Campus constituents, including representatives from the faculty senate, staff senate, Student Government Association and the cabinet were involved in the discussion. It was agreed that continuing to follow mask use and social distancing protocols was in the best interest of the campus community.


On Friday, March 26, 2021, the campus reported its fifth straight week of having zero positive self-reported cases of COVID-19 associated with the campus. Our students, faculty, and staff have shown outstanding diligence in wearing face coverings and social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The campus community is asked to continue in its diligence to keep members of campus safe and healthy, not only for the benefit of campus but our community as well.

View COVID-19 updates HERE.

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