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Marietta Candler, RN, MSN RN Program Faculty View Profile
Douglas Muse Division Chair for Math and Science View Profile
Jennifer Emery College and Life Skills Instructor View Profile
Andrea Lee Adult Education Instructor View Profile
Becky Saffell Adult Education Instructor View Profile
Elizabeth Taylor ESL Instructor View Profile
Marla Bennett, EdD English Faculty View Profile
Angela  Strickland English Faculty View Profile
Holly Goslin English faculty View Profile
Bill Wood, EdD History Faculty View Profile
Tracy Broadwater Accounting Faculty View Profile
Mindy Shaw Early Childhood Education View Profile
Austin Muse Industrial Technology Faculty View Profile
Blayne Stewart Computer Science Faculty / Teaching Technology Coordinator View Profile
Stephanie Baker Director of Cosmetology View Profile
Vernon Hoffman, EdD Science Faculty View Profile
Rachel Ratcliff Science Faculty View Profile
Andrew Seely, PhD Biology Faculty / Director for the Center for Teaching and Learning View Profile
Beverly Meinzer Science Faculty View Profile
Larry Brown, PhD Science Faculty View Profile
Andrew  Muse Math Faculty View Profile
Jennifer Davidek EMS Program Director, Instructor View Profile
Amanda Cannon, BSN, RN PN Program Coordinator View Profile
Amy Bullard, RN Simulation Coordinator View Profile
Teri  Nicholson RN Faculty View Profile
Michelle Bishop Division Chair Nursing and Allied Health View Profile
Becky Warren Director of Adult Education View Profile
Zach Harber, EdD Director of Career and Technical Education View Profile
Mary Brewer RN Program Prelicensure/Traditional View Profile
Dawn Smith CNA Instructor View Profile
Ashlyn Canard, BSN, RN PN Clinical Coordinator View Profile
Jeanette Youngblood Division Chair for Business, Technology, and Public Service View Profile
Brooklyn Hedgecock Cosmetology Instructor View Profile
Jacob Chisom Oral Communications Instructor View Profile
Brenda Bishop RN Faculty View Profile
Tiara Lusk Management and Supervision Instructor View Profile
Loyd Barry Welding Instructor View Profile
Steven Huff CDL Instructor View Profile

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