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Jennifer Emery College and Life Skills Instructor View Profile
Becky Saffell Adult Education Instructor View Profile
Elizabeth Taylor ESL Instructor View Profile
Angie Strickland English Faculty View Profile
Holly Goslin English Faculty View Profile
Bill Wood, EdD History Faculty View Profile
Vernon Hoffman, EdD Science Faculty View Profile
Rachel Ratcliff Science Faculty View Profile
Beverly Meinzer Science Faculty View Profile
Andrew  Muse Math Faculty View Profile
Becky Warren, EdD Dean of Career and Workforce Education View Profile
Dawn Smith CNA Instructor View Profile
Jeanette Youngblood Dean of General Education and Transfer View Profile
Loyd Barry Welding Instructor View Profile
Emily Neeley Adult Education Instructor View Profile
Justin Holman Welding Instructor View Profile
Randall Warn Industrial Technology Faculty View Profile
Ashley Walker Education Instructor View Profile
Dana Cox Director of Nursing View Profile
Rocky Majors English Faculty View Profile
Resa Dowdy Nursing Faculty View Profile
Laura Draper Simulation Coordinator View Profile
Jayla Cox Nursing Faculty View Profile
McKenzie Jackson Business Faculty View Profile
Jessica Jones Nursing Faculty View Profile
Connie Smith Interim Director of Cosmetology View Profile
Anthony Burkhammer Mathematics Faculty View Profile
Shelly Sullens Mathematics Faculty View Profile
John Stephens, PhD Psychology Faculty View Profile
Melissa Cross Nursing Faculty View Profile
Thomas Lemon Director of EMS Program View Profile
Ethan Wagnon Nursing Faculty View Profile
Henry O. Akwah, PhD Faculty-Agriculture Technology View Profile
Drew Davidson, PhD Faculty-Biology View Profile
Bryan Anderson Faculty-Commercial Vehicle Driving View Profile

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