Payment Plans & Student Accounts

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Financial Aid Reimbursements

Financial Aid Reimbursements are issued twice a semester. Sign up for direct deposit and skip the waiting in line for a check!

IMPORTANT: The student’s name must be on the account designated for Direct Deposit AND the account number must be an actual bank account number, not your debit or credit card number.

Payment Plans

Setting Up A Payment Plan
UACCB offers payment plans to help ease the financial obligation of paying for college. You must contact the UACCB Business Office at 870-612-2005.  Payment plans set up in July will require 20% down with 4 additional payments and plans set up in August will require 25% down with 3 additional payments. 

Make A Payment
Make a payment to your account through your myUACCB Self-Service account. Simply login to, go to Self-Service, and click Student Finance. It’s that easy!

Make a Payment through Nelnet.

Money Management Tips

1098-T Tax Form

What is the 1098-T form

Tuition-paying students at eligible colleges or other post-secondary institutions should receive a copy of Internal Revenue Service Form 1098-T from their school each year.  Eligible institutions include most colleges, universities, and vocational schools that are eligible to participate in the Department of Education’s student aid programs. This form provides information about educational expenses that may qualify the student—or the student's parents or guardian, if the student is still a dependent—for education-related tax credits.

You can give consent to access their 1098-T tax form online through your myUACCB Self-Service account.

Login to

Click Self-Service

Click Tax Information

Choose “Receive my 1098 only in electronic format” and save your preference.

Once you’ve given consent to receive your 1098-T electronically, you will be able to view your 1098-T tax statements when they are posted under Tax Information.

Outstanding Account Balance Procedures

Each student is responsible for all tuition and fees which are due and payable upon registration of classes unless a student has qualified for financial aid. Outstanding balance notices are sent annually in late October and late March.  Any student with an outstanding balance on his/her account at the end of the term is placed on a financial hold by the business office. This hold prevents the student from registering for another term until  he/she can resolve the current balance.

If the student plans to graduate and they have an outstanding balance, the Registrar's Office will contact the student and request that he/she contact the business office in regards to his/her account before allowing graduation.

If any student continues to have an outstanding balance after a term, the balance will be considered delinquent and will be sent to the State of Arkansas to be deducted from his/her state income tax. If no payment is made after this process, the account balance will be sent to collections. If the account balance is sent to collections, a 33.3% fee is charged by the collection agency.

Important Info

Tuition and fees are payable at the time of registration. Each student must pay all fees before attending classes. Payment of tuition may be made with cash, check, or credit card. Any student who has not made payment or agreed to a payment plan by the first day of class will be withdrawn from classes. The University reserves the right to change the amount of fees and/or to add additional fees at any time such action is deemed necessary.  Any student that has received financial aid APPROVAL prior to registration may charge tuition and fees to his/her account.

The STUDENT is responsible for all tuition and fee charges whether he/she attends class or not. Non-attendance of classes does not automatically drop/withdraw you from classes. Proper procedures for drop/withdrawal must be followed.

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