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Welcome to the UACCB Human Resources Department. Our goal is to provide quality customer service to our employees in all areas of Human Resources - recruitment, employment, compensation, benefits, policies, procedures, and maintenance of personnel records.

To report suspected Fraud/Abuse call the University of Arkansas Systems' Hotline at 1-866-252-9838.

Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injuries must be reported asap to the employee's supervisor who should call the third party "Company Nurse" as outlined in the document found by clicking HERE. If no treatment is required the incident report which is part of the linked document may be completed and submitted to Human Resources. If medical treatment is needed, the Company Nurse Hotline number 1-855-339-1839 should be called immediately before seeking treatment, except in the case of emergency, and even then the number should be called as soon as possible. Click HERE to complete an INCIDENT FORM.  

Whistleblower Act

The Arkansas Whistle-Blower Act prohibits a public employer from taking adverse action against a public employee who communicates in good faith to an appropriate authority the existence of waste of public funds, property, or manpower or a violation of law; participates, or gives information, in an investigation, hearing, court proceeding, legislative inquiry, or administrative review; or objects to carrying out a directive the public employee reasonably believes violates the law.  Click HERE to learn more.

Training Links

Click HERE to view Child Maltreatment Video to be viewed by mandatory reporters which includes those who work in education settings.

Title IX Training

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