Strategic Plan

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Purpose, Mission, Vision, Values


Improve lives.


Improve lives by empowering the people of North Central Arkansas through education and skills development.


Empowering people to thrive through student success, organizational excellence, community engagement, and economic prosperity.


  • Caring - We engage with respect and compassion to foster a sense of belonging.
  • Integrity - We commit to accountability, transparency, and trust.
  • Learning - We promote lifelong learning, curiosity, and discovery.
  • Transformation - We drive advancement through resilience and innovation.

Strategic Priorities

Student Success

Supporting every student' academic and personal growth, providing the tools and resources for their educational journey and future achievements

  • SS1 - Ensure teaching, learning, and support models lead to student success.
  • SS2 - Create pathways for student success: career, transfer, and employability.
  • SS3 - Plan, secure, and provide systems to ensure appropriate resources to support holistic student success.

Organizational Excellence

Achieving optimal effectiveness guided by institutional values.

  • OE1 - Establish a culture of accountability, integrity, and excellence for employees and stakeholders.
  • OE2 - Ensure planning, infrastructure, and resources that support and advance the mission of the college.

Community Engagement

Strengthening our community by building relationships and collaborating with organizations and individuals.

  • CE1 - Secure industry and community partnerships that align to supporting students and the community.
  • CE2 - Promote the College as a key educational and training partner of choice.
  • CE3 - Serve as a regional catalyst for innovative partnerships for the communities we serve.

Economic Prosperity

Contributing to the local and regional economy by equipping students with education and skills to prosper.

  • EP1 - Provide relevant training and educational programs that contribute to the economic success of our region.
  • EP2 - Strengthen relationships with employers to develop opportunities that support a living wage.

Priority Plans

  • Academic
  • Campus Master
  • Communication
  • Financial Stability and Sustainability
  • Institutional Technology
  • Student Support

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