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Montgomery G.I. Bill Payment

If copy of eligibility letter is submitted to the Certifying Official, students should receive their first check within SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS after the first day of class. If the veteran/dependent should apply for certification after classes begin, payment will be received later.

Information concerning payments for Chapter 30, 1606, 1607 and 35 students is available only through direct contact between the student and the Department of Veterans' Affairs. Go to the Ask Us A GI Bill® Question located on the GI Bill® Website at or call 888-442-4551. (VA student should get the name of person he/she talks to.) 

Chapter 30, 1606, and 1607 students must self-certify the last day of each month they are enrolled at UACCB. Delay of benefits can occur if this is not done each month.To self-certify the veteran must:

Go on online at to verify your attendance OR call 877-823-2378 to verify your attendance.

Post 9/11 G.I. Bill Payment

Chapter 33 benefits can include payment of tuition and fees, a monthly housing allowance, a stipend for books and supplies, and a college fund (“kicker”) payments.  Chapter 33 differs from other education Chapters in that each type of payment is issued separately, with some payments made directly to the school and others directly to the student.

The tuition and fees payment is paid directly to the school on behalf of the student when the school’s enrollment certification is processed.  The tuition and fees payment is prorated by the student’s benefit level.

A monthly housing allowance is paid directly to the student at the beginning of each month for the previous month.  The housing allowance is prorated by the student’s length of service percentage.  The monthly housing allowance paid equals the Department of Defense’s Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) for an “E-5 with dependents” and the zip code of the school.  The BAH rates are at the following link  A student must be enrolled over half-time (greater than .51%) to receive the monthly housing allowance.

Students only enrolled in distance learning courses will be eligible for a monthly housing allowance equal to 50% of the “national average” of all Basic Allowances for Housing.

The book and supplies stipend pays $41.67 per credit certified, up to 24 credits for the Academic year (08/01/YY-07/31/YY).  The maximum stipend is $1,000 per academic year.

Eligible individuals will receive payments for the Chapter 30 and Chapter 1606 kicker payments on a monthly basis.  Kickers will be paid regardless of rate of pursuit or eligibility for the Monthly Housing Allowance.  The applicable full time kicker rate will be multiplied by the rate of pursuit rounded to the nearest multiple of 10.

Mobilization/Deployment Refund Policy

Members of the military who receive orders which transfer them out of the area for a prolonged period or members of the National Guard or Reserves who are called to active duty, when such transfer interferes with class attendance, may request a full refund of tuition at any time during the semester. Documentation of orders for transfer must be provided prior to refund being granted. The college has a proration refund policy for students receiving VA benefits. Students receiving VA benefits must request that the prorated refund policy be used for tuition reimbursement.

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