First Responders Complete Course

Posted Date - 7/23/21

UACCB Community Education Department recently hosted a 48-hour hybrid First Responder course. Training included emergency care for trauma patients, splinting techniques, bleeding control, rescue procedures, patient stabilization and transport, and medical and trauma assessments. The course meets National Emergency Responder curriculum guidelines and is equivalent to the Fire Academy First Responder course. Course instructor, Ms. Jenifer Davidek, UACCB EMS Program Director, said, “We are proud to host this program and pleased to recognize all of the hard work these students put forth to complete this course.” The following fifteen student completed and passed the course. 

  • John Armstrong – Cushman Fire Department
  • Amanda Figuero – Concord Fire Department
  • Kevin Jenkins – Peco Foods
  • Barbara Laslo – Cord Fire Department
  • Ronald Laslo – Cord Fire Department
  • Stephen Lewis – Cushman Fire Department
  • Leigh Osgood – Desha Fire Department
  • Robert Osgood – Desha Fire Department
  • Christopher Plotz – Northside Fire Department/Cord Fire Department
  • Micah Schuetz – Desha Fire Department 
  • Jason Stanley – Desha Fire Department
  • Matthew Strickland – Intimidator, Inc.
  • Morgan White – Cushman Fire Department
  • Bruce Winston II – Desha Fire Department
  • Heath Wooldridge – UACCB 

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