General Education & Transfer
General Education & Transfer

General Education

General Education & Transfer
About the Degree
The Associate of Arts degree is designed for students who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college or university. UACCB’s A.A. degree consists of 48 credit hours of general education requirements and an additional 12 credit hours of electives.  In the elective component, students may complete any 12 credit hours of college-level courses in order to complete the degree.  The electives students choose, with the assistance of an academic advisor, will depend upon upper-level program intent. 

UACCB has more than 60 2+2 transfer agreements with universities and colleges across the state. See a list of 2+2 options HERE!

On the Road to Your A.A. in General Education
Be sure to talk to an advisor about milestones you can accomplish on the way to an associate's degree! Students can earn a Certificate of General Studies (35 hours) while progressing toward an Associate of Arts in General Education.
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Meagan Akins

Class Schedule

Strategies for College Success
Foundations Personal Finance
English Composition I
College Algebra
Oral Communication
English Comp. II
Fine Art Elective
Physical Science Elective
Social Science Electives
Humanities Elective
Life Science Elective
Social Science Elective
Social Science Elective
General Elective 1
Fine Arts or Humanities Elective
Social Science Elective
General Elective 2
General Elective 3
General Elective 4
Fine Arts Electives (Year 1 - Need 3 Hours)
- FAC Understanding Film
- FAV 2023 Visual Art
- FAM 2003 Music
- FAT 2013 Theater
Physical Science Elective (Year 1 - Need 4 Hours)
- CHM 1013/1011 Concepts of Chemistry/Lab
- CHM 1103/1101 College Chemistry I/Lab
- GEL 1003/1001 Geology/Lab
- PHS 1003/1001 Physical Science/Lab
- PHS 2014 Physics for Health Sciences
Social Science Electives (Year 1 - Need 6 Hours)
Humanities Elective (Year 2 - Need 3-6 Hours)
- ENG 2113 World Literature I
- ENG 2213 World Literature II
- PHI Introduction to Philosophy
- ENG 2313 Introduction to Fiction
Life Science Elective (Year 2 - Need 4 Hours)
- BIO 1033/1031 Biology for General Education/Lab
- BIO 1103/1101 Biology for Majors/Lab
- BIO 1123/1121 Principles of Zoology/Lab
- BIO 2003/2001 Anatomy and Physiology I/Lab
- BIO 2013/2011 Anatomy and Physiology II/Lab
Social Science Electives (Year 2 - Need 9 Hours)
- HIS 1013 World Civilization I
- HIS 1023 World Civilization II
- HIS 2003 United States History I
- HIS 2013 United States History II
- POS 2103 United States Government
- ECN 2013 Macroeconomics
- ECN 2023 Microeconomics
- GEO 2003 Introduction to Cultural Geography
- PSY 1003 General Psychology
- PSY 2013 Human Growth and Development
- PSY 2023 Abnormal Psychology
- SOC 2013 Social Problems
- SOC 2003 Principles of Sociology
- SOC 2023 Cultural Anthropology
Fine Arts Electives (Year 2 - Need 3 Hours)
- FAC Understanding Film
- FAV 2023 Visual Art
- FAM 2003 Music
- FAT 2013 Theater
General Electives (Year 2 - Need 12 Hours)
Math Courses (Year 1)
- Alternative Math Option - MTH 1043 Quantitative Literacy
Skills Learned
Research Practices
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