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About the Degree
The Associate of Science in Criminal Justice is designed to address the needs of three different types of students - those students wishing to begin a career in criminal justice/law enforcement; those already working in the field of criminal justice/law enforcement; and those students wishing to complete a program of study and transfer to a baccalaureate institution in order to complete a bachelor degree. The program is not intended to be a substitute for Police Academy training. 

Contact Info
Dr. Brian Shonk
Vice Chancellor for Academics

Class Schedule

Intro. to Criminal Justice
English Composition I
College Algebra
Oral Communication
Criminal Investigations
English Comp. II
United States Government
General Psychology
Legal Writing
Principles of Sociology
Spanish I
Criminal and Procedural Law
Forensic Science with Lab
LIfe Science Elective
Fine Art Elective
Humanities Elective
Physical Science Elective
Fine Arts Electives (Year 2 - Need 3 Hours)
- FAV 2023 Visual Art
- FAM 2003 Music
- FAT 2013 Theater
Humanities Elective (Year 2 - Need 3 Hours)
- ENG 2113 World Literature I
- ENG 2213 World Literature II
Life Science Elective (Year 2 - Need 4 Hours)
- BIO 1033/1031 Biology for General Education/Lab
- BIO 1103/1101 Biology for Majors/Lab
- BIO 1123/1121 Principles of Zoology/Lab
- BIO 2203/2201 Microbiology/Lab
- BIO 1113/1111 General Botany/Lab
Physical Science Electives (Year 2 - Need 4 Hours)
- CHM 1103/1101 College Chemistry I/Lab
- CHM 1123/1121 College Chemistry II/Lab
- GEL 1003/1001 Geology/Lab
- PHS 1003/1001 Physical Science/Lab
Skills Learned
Knowledge of Laws and Regulations
Criminal Investigation Practices
Record Management
Job Opportunities In

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