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CNA Video Courses via T3 Streaming Video Catalog

The T3 system is an online, computer-based learning management system (LMS) that performs three primary functions: Training, Testing, and Tracking.


Your T3 site is set up with selected courses chosen by your administrator. Most of the courses are offered for continuing nursing education credit. However, they may also be used for quick online reference.


Each course includes an online post-test that is automatically scored once completed. Once you have successfully completed a test, you receive an online certificate for that course. The certificate can be printed immediately. •


Your T3 system provides several reporting functions for tracking courses completed both on- and offline. The reporting functions available to you depend on your level of user access, and range from an individual educational record with printable certificates, to customizable reports for department or cost center compliance analysis (used primarily by system administrators). Your access to the system requires a user ID and password. Obtain these from your administrator. Your records are secure. Only you and specified system administrators have access to them. Plus, T3 is Internet-based. That means you can connect to your account from work, home, or anywhere that you have Internet access.

Signing In

Your T3 online education site is set up with 41 CNA video courses from the T3 Streaming Video catalog. You can access your online education site here.

If you were not given a unique userID and password to log in, you were likely instructed to go to your T3 site and create your account/self register. To do this, simply click on the “Create A New Account” link in the center of the page. Enter your desired UserID and password twice to verify it’s correct. Fill in the remaining information on the profile: first name, last name, state (we recommend including your email address in case you forget your login information so you can have it emailed to you.

Choosing a Course

You should see a list of video titles listed in alphabetical order to choose from. Simply click on a title to open the course.


Once a course is opened, a menu/list of section headings appears down the left side of your screen. Click on any of these headings to be taken to that section of the course. Use the red arrows for easy page-to-page navigation  • Click the X button to close the course window and return to the list of available courses.

TIP: Clicking on a course title will open that course in a separate window, filling your entire screen. Don’t be alarmed. Your course listing is still there. It’s in a window behind the course you now have open.

Taking the Online Post-Test

Each online course includes a post-test. It is the last part of the course. The system records your answers automatically and calculates your score once you answer the last test question. You will arrive at the post-test as you progress through the course (by clicking the red arrows). You can also get there by clicking on the POST TEST section heading on the left side of the screen.

Each post-test page shows either a True / False or a multiple-choice question. Answer choices are listed after each question. Click the button to the left of the answer you choose. Next, click the SUBMIT button. This will record your answer and take you to the next question. Select one answer for each question. If you make a mistake, click a different answer before proceeding to the next question. Your answer is not recorded until you click the SUBMIT button.

TIP: You cannot bookmark pages within a course or within a post-test. Also, if you leave a post-test without completing it, your answers will NOT be saved, and you will have to start again from the beginning of the test to earn your credit.

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