Student Assessment

What makes TRiO SSS unique?

With other services offered at UACCB why should a student choose to participate in TRiO?

  • One-on-one personal tutoring, not drop-in
  • Open door policy for all advisors - Come in to chat, ask questions, or discuss issues at any time.  Exceptions may apply during peak registration.
  • Transfer Assistance including trips, meeting with transfer reps, help with applications, etc.
  • Technology Check Out - Participants can check out laptops and digital voice recorders during the semester.  iPads are available for use in tutoring and graphing calculators are available to use in the TRiO Computer Lab.
  • Student Symposium - Each semester TRiO SSS hosts a one day series of workshops designed to meet student needs.
  • Cultural Events - Each semester participants have the opportunity to attend a unique cultural event planned and sponsored by TRiO SSS.  These events are designed to broaden the horizons of UACCB students.
  • Scholarships - Once per year participants enrolled in a transfer degree who meet all of their TRiO SSS responsibilities are eligible to apply for grant aid from TRiO SSS.