Office Procedures

Disability Services at UACCB provides personal counseling referrals and disability support. Policies for each particular service area are listed below:


  • All services are provided free of cost as part of the student’s tuition and fees.
  • Individuals who miss scheduled appointments may be required to reschedule for an alternative date and/or time.
  • Individuals who arrive for a scheduled appointment more than fifteen minutes late may be required to reschedule for an alternative date and/or time.
  • Records are protected by FERPA.  All UACCB documents will be stamped with "copy" prior to release to any outside agency.
  • Requests for records from outside agencies must be submitted in writing and bear the signature of the student in question.
  • All requests for records will be subject to a two week waiting period.
  • No individuals will have access to student records without express written consent from the student included in said student’s file prior to disclosure.
  • Individuals with complaints or grievances are requested to first discuss the matter with the Testing & Disability Services Coordinator. If the matter is not resolved, individuals are encouraged to see the Director of Student Development.


Disability Support Services are provided to students who qualify for such assistance under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Academic accommodations may be arranged for students who qualify.  Students must meet with the Testing & Disability Services Specialist before accommodations can be arranged. If accommodations are necessary, a Letter of Accommodation will be prepared by the Testing & Disability Services Specialist for students to notify instructors. Students will also be required to contact the Testing & Disability Services Office each semester they wish to receive accommodations and provide a new Letter of Accommodation to instructors. We encourage students to contact the Testing & Disability Services Specialist as soon as possible each semester during office hours to discuss such matters in confidence. 

  • Eligible candidates for disability support services include current UACCB students and those individuals taking college placement tests administered by UACCB personnel that complete the accommodation request process.
  • Students requesting accommodations that require time to arrange should register with theTesting & Disability Services office a minimum of ten business days prior to the start of each semester to ensure accommodations are available by the first day of classes.  Examples of this include, but are not limited to, texts in alternate formats and audio players. Some accommodations, such as sign language interpreters, may need more than ten days to arrange.
  • Students eligible for assistive technology equipment must complete the appropriate checkout form upon receipt of the item and return the item at the conclusion of each semester. Failure to do so may result in a "hold" or charge being placed on the student's account which may affect future registration and access to grades and transcripts.
  • Instructors will provide student accommodations only after they have received a current Faculty Accommodation Letter from the student.
  • Students may be asked to show identification (student ID or driver's license) before taking an exam.
  • Personal belongings (cell phones, purses, book bags, etc) are not permitted in private testing areas and students are encouraged to leave these items at home or in an alternate location.
  • Accommodated tests will be given on the same date and time as they are given in class unless approval is provided by the instructor to do otherwise.
  • Should cheating occur, the test will be confiscated and the incident reported immediately to the instructor.
  • For additional procedures please see the Disability Services Handbook below.

Disability Services Handbook

Service Animals on Campus

For more information read "ADA Requirements - Service Animals" at:
Rabies vaccinations are required. See "Section II: Vaccinations" at:

Disability Services Compliance

Anyone with concerns regarding their accommodations for a disability should contact the Director of Student Development by calling 870-612-2013 or in person at the Main Classroom Building, room 232A.  Students may also follow the ADA grievance procedures listed in the  UACCB Student ADA Grievance Procedure.


Personal Counseling Referrals are available to UACCB students. Individual appointments with the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs are available to facilitate finding the right resource. Some available resources we can connect you to are Health Resources of Arkansas, Life Strategies, and WRMC Behavioral Health Services. We are committed to connecting students to the right resource.

Please contact 870-612-2040 for assistance or further information regarding any of the above listed topics.