Concurrent Credit


1. What are concurrent credit classes?

Concurrent credit classes are college classes offered by UACCB to qualified students.  These classes allow high school students to enroll in college classes offered at their high school campuses.  UACCB will either send instructors to teach concurrent credit courses, or the high schools may have their own instructors teach the courses.

2. How are concurrent credit classes recorded on a student's transcript?

When a student successfully completes a concurrent credit course, UACCB records college credit on an official UACCB transcript.  This credit will be counted toward graduation from UACCB if the course(s) taken is(are) a requirement of the degree program the student seeks.  For example, if the student is seeking a college transfer degree, such as an Associate of Arts in General Education, the following courses will apply toward that degree:  English Composition I and II, College Algebra, Psychology, History, Oral Communication. Other courses, such as Computer Software Applications or Internet Webpages, may be used as general education electives toward the AA-General Education degree.

3. To enroll in any UACCB concurrent credit course, a high school student must meet the following prerequisites:

  • A 3.0 cumulative GPA in high school
  • A Reading score of at least 19 (ACT), 43 (ASSET), 82 (COMPASS) to enroll in English Composition I
  • A Writing score of at least 19 (ACT), 45 (ASSET), 75 (COMPASS) to enroll in English Composition I
  • A Math score of at least 19 (ACT), 43 (ASSET), 66 (COMPASS) to enroll in College Algebra
  • A grade of “C” or better in English Composition I to enroll in English Composition II

4. Who can take concurrent credit classes?

A qualified student is one who

  • Has successfully completed the eighth grade
  • Completes an Application for Admission
  • Submits test scores from ACT, SAT, ASSET, or COMPASS
  • Has a high school GPA no lower than a cumulative 3.0 on a 4.0 scale

    (If the student does not have at least a 3.0 GPA, he or she must have written permission

    from the high school counselor or principal.)
  • Meets all placement test scores and pre-requisite requirements for the course (for example - at least a 19 in Reading, Writing, and Math on the ACT)
  • Submits an official high school transcript
  • Submits a letter of recommendation from the high school principal, superintendent, or counselor

    Submits proof of immunization against measles and rubella

    5. How much do concurrent credit classes cost?

    UACCB college-level concurret credit classes are $208 for one course and $406 for two courses. This cost includes the following:

    Tuition for one class: (3 credit hours)

    $60 per credit hour = $180 (for a 3 credit hour class)

    Arkansas Assessment Fee - $5 per semester = $5

    Academic Support Fee - $6 per credit hour = $18

    Transcript Fee - $5 per semester

    Tuition for two classes: (6 credit hours)

    $60 per credit hour - $360 (for 6 credit hours – 2 classes)

    Arkansas Assessment Fee - $5 per semester = $5

    Academic Support Fee - $6 per credit hour = $36

    Transcript Fee - $5 per semester

    6. How do students get their books?

    Students must have a UACCB identification badge to purchase their textbooks at the UACCB Bookstore. I.D. badges may be obtained in Enrollment Management located in the Main Classroom Building. The UACCB Bookstore is located in Independence Hall.

    7. How is a concurrent credit course different from a regular high school course?

    Students in concurrent credit courses should expect more complex reading and/or writing assignments and probably more homework. These courses are taught on a collegiate level; therefore, students are expected to meet the same standards of achievement as the traditional student body at UACCB. The curriculum of concurrent credit courses is the same as the college course curriculum taught on the UACCB campus.

    8. How do students register for concurrent credit classes?

    The concurrent credit director from UACCB will come to the high school before the class begins to leave student/parent information packets.  Students will receive these packets that contain information they will need to register for the classes (including an Application for Admission, registration forms, and an information letter for parents). During the first week of school, the director will come back to the school to register students.  Students will need to have the following when they register:  an Application for Admission; ACT, SAT, ASSET, or COMPASS scores; GPA; a high school transcript; recommendation letter; proof of immunization; and tuition (check, money order or cash in the exact amount).

    9. Will the concurrent credit courses transfer to a four-year college?

    Courses in the State Minimum General Education Core Curriculum will transfer to public Arkansas colleges or universities. Students can go to for a list of Arkansas two and four-year institutions and the classes that each school will accept as transfer credit.  Students may also contact the transfer institution to obtain transfer information for any courses not listed on the website.

    10. How do students get the required information needed to register?

    High school counselors usually have a student's transcript, GPA, shot record, and test scores.  Students will receive an Application for Admission from the UACCB concurrent credit director before the class begins.

    11. How do students request a transcript from UACCB?

    To request a transcript from UACCB, students should contact the registrar at 870-612-2034.

    12. How do students withdraw from concurrent credit courses?

    To withdraw from a concurrent credit course, students must tell their instructor or counselor. The instructor or counselor will contact the concurrent credit director, who will send a UACCB Drop Form to the student for a signature. The student is also required to pay a $10 drop fee. The student may either mail the fee and the drop form to UACCB or pay in person at the College.

    13. Concurrent Credit Course Offerings:

    Bald Knob High School – English Composition I, English Composition II, Oral Communication

    Batesville High School – World Civilization I, World Civilization II, Computer Software Applications

    Cave City High School – English Composition I, English Composition II, World Civilization I, World Civilization II

    Southside High School – United State History I, College Algebra


    For more information about UACCB's Concurrent Credit Program, please contact Susan Tripp at 870-612-2053 or You can also log on to our website:  Web Advisor.