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Choosing A Major

Choosing a major is not always an easy task. There are so many career fields to choose from and many of us have multiple interests and skills to support a variety of choices. Rather than guess at what might work well, a career assessment provides a good starting point. Visit our Career Coach site and take a quick six question assessment to be led to career options best suited to you. This site also provides information on salary,employment projections, similar careers, and more.

Do you have an idea of what major you might be interested in, but want to know what career options that degree would open up? Check out What Can I do with this Major? to learn more about the major(s) of most interest to you!


If you need more assistance, please schedule a meeting with the Director of Workforce and Career Services and they would be happy to assist!

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Director of Workforce and Career Services
Office: ANX 401D

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