About the Degree
The Associate of Science in Business is designed for students who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business at a four-year college or university.  UACCB’s A.S. in Business degree consists of 44 credit hours of general education requirements and 18 credit hours in business classes.  Students in the A.S. in Business program should research university programs as early as possible.  Each college of business has selected their particular directed elective, so students should become informed about specific universities.  There are no substitutions allowed to this degree program.

UACCB has over 60 2+2 transfer agreements with colleges and universities across the state. See a list of 2+2 offerings HERE!
Contact Info
Dr. Brian Shonk
Vice Chancellor for Academics

Class Schedule

Principles of Accounting I
Computer Software Applications
English Composition I
College Algebra
Oral Communication
Principles of Accounting II
Introduction to Business
English Composition I
Physical Science Lab
Physical Science
Legal Environment of Business
Sur. of Calculus/Bus. Calculus
Biology for Gen. Ed. Lab
Biology for General Education
Principles of Sociology
Humanities Elective
Social Science Electives
Fine Arts Elective
Fine Arts Electives (Year 2 - Need 3 Hours)
- FAV 2023 Visual Art
- FAM 2003 Music
- FAT 2013 Theater
Humanities Elective (Year 2 - Need 3 Hours)
- ENG 2113 World Literature I
- ENG 2213 World Literature II
Social Science Electives (Year 2 - Need 6 Hours)
- HIS 1013 World Civilization I
- HIS 1023 World Civilization II
- HIS 2003 United States History I
- HIS 2013 United States History II
- POS 2103 United States Government
Substitute for Introduction to Business (Year 1)
- BUS 1023 Business Communications
Skills Learned
Analyze Data and Financial Records
Organizational Planning
Supervisory Principles
Job Opportunities In

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