Testing Center

The UACCB Testing Center is located in the Main Classroom Building, Room 224.

(870) 612-2110  or email Testing@uaccb.edu 

All testing requires a current photo identification, such as a driver's license or school ID.

There is a $25.00 fee for proctoring exams for students from other institutions.  This does not include UACCH (Hope), UAFS (Forth Smith) and Phillips Community College.

Hours for the Testing Center:  (Due to COVID-19 situation, the Testing Center is closed.  Some testing is offered remotely or in small groups.)

Please call Sherrie Stagner at 870-612-2056 or Louise Hughes at 870-612-2013 to ask about remote testing options. 

You can also email: Testing@uaccb.edu to request an appointment.

UPDATE: we are currently offering on-campus ACCUPLACER in small groups.  Please call for an appointment.            

2020 Test Dates

Click this link for the  ACCUPLACER placement test  schedule.  Please call for options to test on campus or remotely.

Click this link for the Career Readiness Certification exam schedule.  UPDATE: Temporarily on HOLD.  


Online Proctored Midterms and Finals

All Online exams require an appointment.  Call 870-612-2110 to reserve your spot.  UACC Batesville courses may have different dates for tests.  Ask each instructor when each test is due.  You need to know your login for your online class.  

Spring Online Midterm Exams 

3/4/2020      8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

3/5/2020      8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Spring Online Final Exams 

4/27/2020      check with your instructor on method of delivery

4/28/2020      check with your instructor on method of delivery

4/29/2020      check with your instructor on method of delivery



Most students without ACT or SAT scores are required to take an ACCUPLACER Exam or provide either  ASSET or COMPASS scores prior to acceptance to UACCB. 

ACCUPLACER (available remotely via Zoom or in small groups on campus)

Testing fee of $15 payable at the Main Classroom Building cashier window the day of the test.  Exams cover reading, writing, and math skills.

Update: with remote testing, you can pay the fee by phone or in person.  Call 870-612-2005 to pay by phone.

Free Accuplacer study materials:

            Choose "Practice" then choose Next Generation Accuplacer: Reading; Writing; Arithmetic; or Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS).

CLEP Test  

  • UACCB is an Open CLEP Center.  Check catalog for a list of exams UACCB accepts for credit.
  • College Board CLEP Exams are scheduled by appointment at least two days in advance.  Afternoons only. 
  • Exam fee is $89.00 payable to College Board at the time of registration. "Military service members may be eligible for free exams."  Check the College Board website.  There will be an administration fee of $25 payable to UACCB the day of the test.
    NOTE: A $25.00 per credit hour fee will be charged for putting CLEP credit on your transcript. To schedule an appointment call 870-612-2110.
  • Click here to find out how to sign up for the CLEP test.  To create your own account through CLEP visit https://clepportal.collegeboard.org/clepcand/home/dashboard.action


Now available remotely via Zoom. Contact us at Testing@uaccb.edu 

  • Students must complete the test at one sitting, unless it includes two parts (i.e., lab and written exams). Test-out examinations for specific courses may be taken only once each spring, summer, or fall semester, with at least a 30 day period between testing. Students may not apply test-out credits toward credit computation for financial aid programs or student grade point average, or certificates of proficiency requirements.
  • Students may test out of the following courses:
CIS 1003 Introduction to Computers
CIS 1053 Computer Software Applications
BIO 2003/2001 Anatomy and Physiology I/Lab  (no longer available after 8/1/2020)
BIO 2013/2011 Anatomy and Physiology II/Lab  (no longer available after 8/1/2020)
  • NOTE: An examination fee of $25 must be paid prior to the exam. A student must present receipt at the time of testing. If the student passes the test, the student will be required to pay a per credit hour fee for the credit by examination to be documented on his or her transcript. Students must be enrolled at UACCB before credits will be applied to transcript.

HESI Nursing Entrance Exam (given via ProctorU)

click here for exam overview and test dates: HESI - Entrance exam overview

NEW REQUIRED STEP: Create your Evolve account and take a HESI tutorial  and contact Louise.hughes@uaccb.edu to receive information on How to Register for HESI with ProctorU.

  • Testing Location: WILL BE GIVEN REMOTELY
  • Allotted Time to Complete Exam: 4 hours 5 minutes and time to check in and login before the test. 
  • Cost: $47 (pay at the cashier’s window in MCB)  Call 870-612-2005 to pay by phone.

Exam Dates:

  • 5/6/2020    12:00  Wednesday
  • 5/7/2020    12:00  Thursday
  • 5/8/2020    12:00  Friday
  • 5/11/2020   12:00  Monday
  • 5/13/2020   12:00 Wednesday

Schedule through the Nursing and Allied Health Division.  Call 870-612-2071 for information.

  • Administered in April/May for the Practical Nursing and Generic entry track of the Registered Nursing program entry.
  • Administered in June/early July for the LPN to RN tracks of the Registered Nursing program.


Make up exams for individual courses are available through the testing center at the approval of your instructor.  Appointments can be made by calling (870) 612-2110 or e-mailing Testing@uaccb.edu.  Please give at least a 24 hour notice so that testing materials can be obtained from the instructor. Requests for testing outside of the available hours will be considered on an individual basis.