Lyon-Cop Student

If you are a Lyon-Cop Student you are currently taking classes at Lyon College, and would like to take a class at UACCB at the same time. (Fall/Spring semesters only. Students attending Lyon that take classes at UACCB during the Summer are Visiting Students.)

  1. Complete an application for admission online by clicking HERE.
  2. Pick up a Lyon-Cop Form from the Registrar's Office at UACCB, or the Office of Admissions at Lyon College. Obtain the required signatures, and return the form to the Registrar’s Office at UACCB.
  3. The Registrar at UACCB will enroll you in the class once your file is complete. If you are planning to take a class that requires a pre-requisite, we will need a copy of the transcript that shows proof that the pre-requisite has been met.
  4. Student ID and Parking Pass - after you have registered for classes, you can get your Student ID and parking pass in the Enrollment Services Center. You will need your student ID buy books at the campus bookstore and check out items at the library.
  5. Purchase textbooks. Books may be purchased on campus at the UACCB Bookstore in Independence Hall. There are other options available as well.
  6. Come to class! Regular attendance is not only required for financial aid purposes, but also has a direct effect on your grades.