Steps for New Students


All Summer 2020 classes at UACCB will be conducted remotely.

Steps for New Students

In order to enroll first submit the proper paperwork to Admissions located in the Enrollment Services Center. These documents differ according to what type of student you are. Read below and click on the link that best describes you.  Call for assistance at 870-612-2139.

First-time College Student – I have never attended college before, and would like to work toward a degree or certificate at UACCB. (High school graduates that have only taken concurrent or dual enrollment classes are still considered first-time.)

Transfer Student – I have never attended UACCB before, but I have been to other colleges in the past.

Returning Student – I have attended UACCB in the past, but at least a Fall/Spring semester has passed since I last took classes.

Visiting Student – I am currently seeking a degree at another college, but would like to take classes at UACCB as well.

Continuing Student - I am currently attending UACCB, or attended last semester. (Does not include students currently in high school.)

Lyon-Cop Student – I am currently taking classes at Lyon College, and would like to take a class at UACCB at the same time. (Fall/Spring semesters only. Students attending Lyon that take classes at UACCB during the Summer are Visiting Students.)

Non-Degree Seeking Student – I want to take a few classes for personal enrichment, but do not plan on earning a degree or certificate. (Financial aid is not available for non-degree seeking students).

Concurrent/Dual Enrollment Student - I am currently in high school, and would like to take classes for credit at UACCB at the same time. (Concurrent classes are offered at the high school; dual enrollment classes are taken at UACCB or online.)

Online Students - Students taking online classes must meet the same admissions requirements as those taking classes on campus. Please choose the option above that best describes you.