Technical Support

Main Classroom Building, Room’s 217, 222, 223 and Row Johns Library(Classroom Use Only)

Important Notice: Students must have a current ID in order to log on and use any of the campus computers. If you need an ID made, you can obtain one from the Enrollment Center located in the Main Classroom Building, Suite 232.

Logging On a Computer:

  1. Hold down the CTRL, ALT, and DELETE buttons at the same time for the password box to appear
  2. User Name: This is the Computer Logon ID located on your student ID card. It consists of the first initial of your first name, your entire last name and 4 digits. EX: John Doe—jdoe1234

Password: The password for all students the first time they log on will be their birthday. EX: January 01, 2001 would be 01012001.

Currently, all the lab computers are installed with current Microsoft Office software, and have access to the Internet. Each student will receive an email account which they can use via the UACCB website located at, on the home page, left hand side on the red banner. Your email address will be your Computer Logon ID plus For Example:

Using the Internet

Left click the “e” icon (Internet Explorer), this opens the MSN home page.


WebAdvisor is a web interface that allows you to access information to UACCB’s administrative database. Its function is to provide current students direct web access to portions of their academic and financial records, as well as the ability to register through the web. Information available to students includes their personal course schedule, transcripts, financial aid award information, and their academic program evaluation information.

To logon to WebAdvisor, open Internet Explorer. In the links bar, you should see a link labeled “WebAdvisor Main Menu”. Left click on this link and it will open up the Web Advisor web page. If you are a new user, click on the link labeled “Account Information”. Then click on “What’s my User ID”. This screen will let you know what your username is to log on to Web Advisor. A first time user’s temporary password will be your six digit birthday. Once you type this in, you will have to create a new permanent password with the following regulations: 6– 9 characters in length containing both letters and numbers and no use of users name.

Saving Your Work

Files can be saved in the following locations:

  1. Student “I” network drive (only the student and some instructors will have access)
  2. Student “P” network drive (anyone can access on campus)
  3. Use of a jump drive is recommended using USB

Access the network drives by double clicking on “My Computer” icon. All data on the network drives are backed up on the network. The safest place for your work to be stored is your “I” drive.

Logging Off a Computer

Close all programs you have open. Click the round “Start” icon in the bottom left of the screen. Click the small arrow button to show a menu where you can select “Log Off”. Make certain that you have been logged off before leaving the computer.

Computer Assistance

If you have a problem with Web CT or other issues with online classes contact Ms. Jo Stephens at

If you have a problem relating to the following list contact the help desk at:

  • Student Email
  • Web Advisor
  • Problem with your student computer account (can’t login to a computer, forgot password, etc.)